Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah's Baby Shower

Our second baby shower this month was for Summer's dear friend, Sarah! Sarah and her husband, Richard, are welcoming their first baby in just a few weeks! Robert William will soon be here! Richard is in the Marine Corps and Sarah is loving staying at home being a supportive Marine wife. What a cute couple! This was a more traditional, ladies-only baby shower and was a total success. Summer's ideas were out-of-this-world and everyone completely loved the event! We were so appreciative of everyone's kind words and, above all, honored to see how blessed Sarah felt. We used a room at a community center so the setting was very intimate and inviting. Here are some pictures from the event:

We love bunting!

Lots and lots and lots of food!

Each dish had a little label in front of it!

Yep! More bunting! And since she's using lambs in the baby's room, a "Sweets for EWE" word bunting hung on the dessert table! Everything looked so nice on the periwinkle table cloths.

Sweet little centerpieces tied in nicely with the tiffany blue table cloths.

More bunting and some hand-made onesies, bibs, and diaper covers Summer made!

This sweet little sign was so much fun to make!

Look at that cake, people! Good work, Summer! And yes, more bunting on the cake!

Favors! Tags designed by Judy, Summer's mom. These were chocolate sugar cookie lambs!

Everyone was encouraged to put their thumbprint on the paper to make a lamb and sign it with words of encouragement!

"EWE are loved" hung in front of the gift table!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lacee's Baby Shower

We started off March ready to celebrate two new babies! The first baby, Mason, is being born to Michelle's  dear friends, Brett and Lacee. Mason is their first baby (if you don't count the two furry, four-legged boys they already have) and they couldn't be happier about welcoming him into their family. Michelle offered to throw this baby shower back in November of 2010 and knew that Summer would be the perfect companion to help make the event a success--this was long before "It's an Eventful Life" had even been dreamt up! March came way too quickly, but everything worked out perfectly and Lacee really enjoyed her baby shower. Brett and Lacee wanted to do a co-ed baby shower/BBQ so they could invite all of their friends over at once. I think it was a smart idea on their part so that there wasn't a barrage of guests coming to see her before Mason is born...any day now!!!! Here are some pictures from the event:

We decorated the inside and the outside with yards and yards and yards and yards of our hand-sewn bunting flags in a pretty combination of teal, baby blue, brown, yellow, white, green, and coordinating plaid. The flags were a simple but stunning touch to the whole layout.

We over-planned on games, but we think it's better to be safe than sorry! Our fun guessing games kept guests entertained all night!

A table with party favors and some photos from Lacee's maternity photo shoot Michelle did welcomed guests.
 The party favors were Mason jars!

These sweet little tin pails were filled with fluffy cotton, shimmery little balls, and gerbera daisies (green to match Mason's room and they are also Lacee's favorite flower!) were the centerpieces on each table.

Being at an outside BBQ meant there was lots of yummy, but simple food: chips and dip, tortilla chips and salsa, cucumber-dill finger sandwiches, green-chile tortilla roll-ups, and carrots and celery! This was the appetizer table. The main dishes came out later: potato salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, chicken kabobs, and Kronskies--their family's Italian market sausages!
 We kept the cupcakes hidden from Lacee and her guests all night, but knew that people would get a sweet tooth so we put out those yummy fudgy brownies. Some iced tea and lemonade helped guests cool off in the sun!

Aren't these the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen?! Lacee absolutely loved them! Good work, Summer!

If you or someone you know is having a baby soon, we'd love to help plan that party! Contact us now!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oscars 2011

We decided to put on an Academy Awards party for us and our friends this year! We had a great turn out and everyone said they really enjoyed the food and fun. Hosting a party where the main event involves watching TV? Easy as pie! Let us know if you'd like us to host your next awards party--or even your next awards-themed birthday party?!

Here are some pictures from the night:

Invitation and Envelope

Red carpet

Drink Station



Main Dish Food Labels

Candy for Snacking


Champagne to Toast!

Popcorn Tubs Awaiting Fresh Popcorn!

Take Your Favor!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mario's 30th Birthday Party

Last weekend we threw a 30th birthday party for Michelle's husband, Mario. He grew up playing the heck out of Super Mario Bros., so we knew that a Mario party it would be. Michelle did the invitations while Summer took care of the cake. We both organized food together. This is generally how things go anyways! Since Mario's birthday is in February, the weather is always very unpredictable (especially in Southern California). He insisted that we do a BBQ, so a BBQ it was! Well, turns out the rains came in that night and poor Mario (who doesn't let anyone use his grill except him) had to stand in the cold rain grilling up a bunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, and kielbasa. We were going to set up tables and chairs in the backyard but when the rains came we quickly moved inside. It was cramped, but functional and fun. That's the name of the game: adapting to each situation as needed! Here are some fun pictures from the party:

Michelle used the Cricut and her printer to cut out and print all the little details on this card. It was one of the most fun cards she's ever made!

Food and Table Set Up:
(Pardon the checkerboard look in the kitchen; we're working on it!)
Here's all the food laid out in the kitche.
 Drinks, sides, and the cake (we'll get to that part in a sec!)

 Some party-goers having a good time!

And the pièce de résistance:
The most amazing cake Summer has ever made!!!!!!!!!!
Cake Front
 Cake Side
 Cake Side
 Cake Back
 Cake from a cool angle

Hope you enjoyed these! E-mail us if you'd like us to organize your next friend's or family member's birthday party!